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Russian “newspeak”

I've made a short list of neologisms in modern Russian language. It is not full, I can add much more items. Just to show some trends.

"нацпредатель" (abbreviation from "национальный предатель"): "national traitor"
Anyone who does not agree with Putin's politics.

"русский мир": "Russian world"
Official definition is "transstate and transcontinental community connected by loyalty to Russia, Russian language and culture". Russian world could be anywhere where Russians leave or where people speak Russian. And any of these places belongs to sphere of Russia's "geopolitical interests". The idea is close to Hitler's "Lebensraum".

"возвращение домой": "Coming back home"
Term of annexation the Crimea. Full analogue of Hitler's "Heim ins Reich".

"ЛГБТ-пропаганда": "LGBT-propaganda"
Any activity which is intended to form positive image of LGBT. It is officially banned by law. If you say that traditional (hetero) and non-traditional (any other) relations are "socially equivalent", you are doing "LGBT-propaganda". Term 'socially equivalent" is invented by Russian parlamentarians.

"либераст": "liberast" = liberal + pederast
A term for liberalists. Comparison to gay is highly offensive.

Many terms are targetted against Ukrainians:
"майдаун": "maidown" = Maidan + Down (syndrome)
A term for Ukrainian Maidan participants and supporters. Comparison to a person with Down syndrome is highly offensive.

"укропитек": "ukropithecus" = "Ukrainian" + pithecus (like in "australopithecus)
Any Ukrainian.

"хунта": "junta"
A term for Ukrainian government. Though it is not at all a military government. The word is used because it has strong negative connotations.

Wide usage of such neologisms surely affects attitude to the language itself. Modern Russian is not a language of Chekhov and Pushkin any more...
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